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About Quiddity

Excellence Meets Technology

Bringing your vision to life. Making IT happen for you

With over 25 years of experience in the software services and consulting industry, our team of specialists have worked on delivering several software experiences and IT consulting services across industries globally. We offer a broad array of IT services such as JAVA, AWS, SAP, Mobile Application Development, Quality Analysis, and more.

Our Customer-centric and Outcome-oriented approach, fuelled with extensive experience, supreme quality, timely delivery and impeccable customer service sets us apart from the crowd. We seek to offer scalable and sustainable solutions which enable your businesses to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving tech environment.

What we enable:

Happy clients.
Elevated customer experience.
Increased revenue.

Now’s the time to make the next big thing. Build it with a team that you can rely on.

Why Quiddity?

Why Businesses Like Yours Choose Us

Streamlined Workflow

Our 4-step module enables us to deliver more than what you expect. Our D4 workflow principle, namely discover, develop, deploy and deliver; allows us to bring your vision to life effectively.

Latest Technologies

Our team of industry experts stay up-to-date with all the emerging technologies to ensure that the software we deliver is in line with your goals and expectations.

Quality-First Approach

Quiddity is synonymous with quality. Quality is the focal point for us, around which Quiddity is centered. It’s the one thing we don’t compromise on. Ever.

Customized solutions

Nothing drives a consumer to use a software more than the feeling that it’s built around their needs. By fuelling your vision with insights from our experts, we deliver software that makes your customers feel like it’s truly built and designed for them.

Unmatched delivery

One of the key factors that makes us stand out is our timely delivery model. Time is money and we have a proven track record of meeting every delivery schedule that we’ve agreed to.

Live Support

Our job doesn’t just end at delivery. It extends to support. It extends to assurance. Reliability is one of the core principles that we strongly believe in. We will be there for you, when you need us. You can count on us.